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Silver Linings

Silver linings are like clouds, they appear out of the clear blue sky, but you have to be looking for them to see them. I am seeing many silver linings in the challenging time we are all in the midst of with the Coronavirus pandemic. Perhaps the best of our intentions is shifting, making time to help others and truly living in the Aloha spirit!

My move to the Big Island is really the best decision I ever made in my life! I feel blessed to be living my Hawaii Life and I want to share this moment with you. Please take a few minutes to see our backyard, it is incredible!

Brian Powers is the amazing photographer and helicopter pilot, that just chronicled how the Big Island shoreline looks today! The video shows most of the coastline, which looks even more beautiful with its empty shores. Check out the video here.

Here is my Silver Linings list:

1. Perhaps the land and sea will benefit from the quarantine, getting a much needed break from suntan lotions that kill the reef! Also, trash and human waste left behind is nil right now, so this a chance to keep our beaches clean going forward!

2. Less emissions from cars, cleaner air!

3. Time to stop, listen, hear from within~read, write, contemplate your belly button! Breathe~smile~be nice~

4. Time for family! Most kids are with parents more than anytime in their lives, such a wonderful opportunity to give them loving attention

5. Gardening, home projects, catching up with the things you just never had time to do!🌻🌾🌺

6. My cat, Buster, is so happy, we are home 🐺 lots of pets!

7. Time to help others

8. Living in Puako, with a dead end street, a quiet friendly community, with many beach accesses! Best place on the planet to quarantine!

9. Surf, swim, walk, talk story, cook, eat, read, write, nap, play RummiKube, laugh, sleep, repeat!

10. It’s also great time to buy in tranquil, off the beaten path, Puako — please email me or call, I love to talk story about my backyard!


Puako Oceanfront Listing

What are your silver linings?

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