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Living, working, and playing in Paradise, that is my dream life, and my greatest joy is to share it with my clients, friends, and family!






As an admitted property junkie, I think my calling has always been Real Estate! My job is the best in the world. I have the opportunity to meet people, get to know them and what is important in their search for a new home, business, or investment, and find the perfect fit. It does not get better than that!


I found my lifelong career when I was 30 years old and now have over 38 years of real estate experience, with hundreds of satisfied clients!

One of my great opportunities was when I became the Sales Manager at The Cloisters, a beautiful coastal community in Morro Bay, California. With this position came a lot of responsibility and interaction with the builders and subs, which was not for the meek and mild gal. You had to get in and make it happen. I learned how things actually had to be designed and built, not just what looked good. This experience in construction and building houses gives me the ability to recognize good quality workmanship and has helped me and my clients in so many ways, it really laid the foundation for my success in real estate.


My third-grade teacher once wrote a note to my parents on my report card. It said, "Jan is the most tenacious child I have ever met", which, at the time, may not have been all good, but it serves me and my clients well, today.

Several years ago, my husband and I designed and built our dream home in Puako, which has been the most fun project ever. Every day we wake up and pinch ourselves, grateful that we made it happen and  it's real.

Every evening we walk across to the beach to watch the sunset and pinch ourselves again, we are so blessed.

My favorite pass time, bodyboarding, is at my doorstep in beautiful Puako, the best-kept secret in Hawaii, by the way.

Combining a lifestyle of work and play is absolutely heaven on earth! Living, working, and playing in Paradise, is my dream life, and my greatest joy is to share it with my clients, friends, and family! Having so many blessings, it is always my pleasure to share the Aloha of the Big Island!

Ta Da!



For three consecutive years (2017, 2018, 2019) I have been recognized as one of the Top 100 Realtors in the State of Hawaii, and as one of the Top 50 Realtors on the Big Island in 2019. I am very proud of this achievement, it took a lot of hard work, but most of all I am grateful to my clients for their support and trust in my ability to serve them. Mahalo and Thank you!


My specialty as a real estate agent lies in the area of the Kohala Coast. Known for its sunny weather and beautiful white sand beaches, it is home to most of the luxury real estate properties on the Island. Starting from my own neighborhood of Puako, where I sold 8 out of 18 properties in the last 12 months (as of 10/01/20), the Kohala Coast stretches south to North Kona and up north to Kohala Ranch, and includes 5 star resorts, residential beach neighborhoods, and spacious ranch properties. If you are looking for world-class luxury, give me a call and I will find you a perfect fit!


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