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Why Do People Love Puako So Much?

I have found that the most common words I hear in my little neighborhood of Puako is just 3 words, “I love Puako!” But, why do people love Puako so much? Personally, I find it to be the small neighborhood feel that is so elusive these days in bigger and bigger metropolitan areas and cities.

Puako sunset

The proximity of the ocean, the 5-star resorts and beaches, the ease of life you find on the dead-end street…it is a tiny “island” of serenity on a big island, and really I have not found anywhere on the planet that compares to the beauty and warm fuzzy feeling I have living here!

The shoreline has a special appeal for divers and snorkelers, easy access without having to go on a dive boat, with crystal clear water and an incredible reef life, plenty of fish and turtles to gaze upon! Early in the morning, as the sun is just peeking over Mauna Kea, the day begins in Puako as the joggers, walkers, and bicyclists start their day with big, happy smiles, aah!

Famous Paniau Beach in Puako, Big Island, Hawaii

Many of my clients and friends have been coming here for 30 years plus, generation after generation, that makes it sound like the perfect family vacation, right? Swimming, surfing, sunset green flash yodeling, it’s all part of the love story!

The Puako General Store is the meeting and the go to place for all the latest news and last minute groceries – how sweet is that? Just like the old days. So, maybe between the convenience, the nostalgia, the personal connections, the ocean, and the search for one’s own special place on the planet, is the reason for all the Puako love!

As a Realtor in Puako, I have been blessed to experience all of this and much more, I have found home. Ta Da!


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