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How To Make Your New Home Feel Like Your Own

Updated: Feb 16, 2023

Decorating your house in Hawaii

My clients often ask me where to get quality design and home decor items that will stand out and make their new home feel their own. While the Big Island is one of the best locations in the world, living in paradise comes with its costs. Being in the middle of the ocean often means that we don't have easy access to everything, and shipping things from the mainland is becoming more complex. Luckily, the island is home to many talented artists, sculptors, and artisans ready to offer their Hawaiian-inspired artwork for you to enjoy.

If you want to truly make your home unique, my best advice is to commission one of the local talents to create a custom artwork that will match the house's feel and that no one else will have. Carefully selected, a great piece of art can make even the most uncomplicated design look and feel rich and impressive. Besides, art creates an atmosphere, sets the mood, and evokes emotions that bring us joy and happiness, not to mention its investment value.

My team and I put together a list of talented local artists and artisans who offer commission work and can help you make your home your own. The list is by no means exhaustive, so we will continue featuring local talents in our future blogs. But, for now, here are my top five picks.

Christian is an established and well-known artist on the island, mostly recognized for his Plein-air landscapes and local neighborhood scenes. His artwork has been featured in galleries, solo exhibitions, and collected worldwide. From landscapes to dreamscapes, he is constantly answering the call to create.

What sets Christian apart is his multi-faceted talent and the quality of his work. Drawing inspiration from his life experiences and the beauty of Hawaii, he creates large-scale oil paintings on canvas and linen, featuring breath-taking Big Island landscapes, as well as mesmerizing abstract and psychedelic images.

Christian is also a masterful wood sculptor, and you can find wooden surfboards and other pieces crafted by him in homes and galleries throughout the island.

Clients often commission him to create unique and original artwork for their homes. If you are interested in how this process works, you can learn more on his website or contact him directly.

"Bringing artworks to life has always been a source of freedom for me, and sharing that experience with you is my greatest honor." - Christian Enns.

Mary Spears is the master of local color. Her artwork is as colorful and diverse as the nature of Hawaii. Among her collections, you will find abstracts, collages, landscapes, tropical paintings, and even colorful pillow covers that will add a unique touch to any home.

Mary's work has been featured in numerous shows in the state of Hawaii. Active art instructor, she teaches at the Four Seasons Hualalai as the artist-in-residence at Ke'olu. Her artwork is in private and public collections, including the Santa Barbara Museum of Art, the Chicago Lighthouse, the Mauna Kea Beach Hotel, the Fairmont Wailea, and Kaiser Permanente. In addition, you can see her work in galleries throughout the island, her studio in Waimea, or her website.

She also often gets commissioned by clients to do custom artwork.

"Many of my clients have special requests… a special view, a portrait, custom furniture, a pool house, the tile on the bottom of the pool", says the artist. Here are several of the projects completed by Mary in the last couple of years.

Chris Barela is a world-renowned bronze sculptor best known for creating life-like sculptures of marine life. All of his sculptures are original works of art, some are customized to meet clients' needs, and some are designed to be sold as a limited edition in galleries worldwide.

Chris offers commission work that includes sculptures and tables, gates, and other pieces. You can see Chris's work on his website.

Nothing says Big Island more than our large lava fields. As you travel around the island, you see the ancient and recent lava flows frozen in time, weird cinder cones, and Martian-like landscapes. One local artist, Mike Stone, found inspiration in transforming this abundant material into unique works of art. For Mike, the principle of true creation is not to portray but to evoke. Rooted in Hawaiian culture and respect for the land, he creates with the island in mind and allows the stone to evoke the true nature of Hawaii.

His innovative designs include home decor, indoor and outdoor pieces. Among his creations, you will find wall facades and panels, cool fire pits, side tables, planters and pots, lamps, and many other home decor items you will not find anywhere else.

Island Stone Creation's studio is located in Kona, and the sculptor also does commission work. To see the samples of his artwork and for contact information, visit his website.

Of course, no Hawaiian home is complete without our famous tropical flowers. Living on the island, we are blessed with these incredible gifts of nature year-round. The variety and abundance of flora on the island provide many choices for flower decorations.

There is no better way to revitalize your home than with a beautifully put-together flower arrangement. It brings color, scent, and freshness into the house and enlivens the whole environment.

At Tea Blossom Flowers & Gifts, Laura is a wonderful florist and can create arrangements for any home and occasion. They also offer beautiful fresh flower leis, used in many celebrations in Hawaii. The shop is located in Waimea, and you can learn more and find contact information on their Facebook page.

There is no place like home, and there is no better home that you love to be in. So make this place be YOURS!

Ta Da!



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