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Focus: Puako

Updated: Aug 17, 2021

You probably heard me talking about Puako before. It's no wonder - I live, breathe, and work in Puako. Puako IS my Hawaii Life. As a real estate agent focusing on Puako, I often get questions from my clients on how solid property values are here and what makes them an excellent financial investment. Of course, the factors that influence the value are always supply, demand and uniqueness. Puako meets all of these standards.

Puako is unique, being the only street along the South Kohala Coast, that is NOT in a resort, which means no CC&R's & HOA fees! It is a cool little neighborhood, where you get to know your neighbors and find new friends. It truly exudes a "sense of place and belonging", a coming home for those who discover Puako.

The demand is much greater than the supply, it is rare to find a property on the market for any appreciable length of time, so there is an urgency factor built in! Nobody knows how the prices will behave in the future, but we do know that right now, we have the best market in decades, and sellers are undoubtedly benefiting from it.

Below I include some data that illustrates the latest selling trends in Puako and will give you an idea of where the market stands. If you would like more detailed information or are interested in what your property might be worth, contact me.

Puako Properties Sold since 01/01/2020

SOLD 12/31/2020 for $829,000 (cash) Land 18,445 sf

SOLD 02/27/2020 for $905,000 (cash) Residential 1 bd/1 ba 560 sf

SOLD 03/11/2021 for $925,000 (cash) Residential 2 bd/1 ba 719 sf

SOLD 02/14/2020 for $1,200,00 Residential 2 bd/2 ba 1,072 sf

SOLD 11/13/2020 for $1,250,000 (cash) Land 1.63 ac

SOLD 04/19/2021 for $1,284,000 Residential 4 bd/2 ba - Sold by Jan Nores

SOLD 09/29/2020 for $1,325,000 Residential 3 bd/3 ba 3,394 sf - Sold by Jan Nores

SOLD 10/27/2020 for $1,450,000 (cash) Residential 1,600 sf - Sold by Jan Nores

SOLD 03/12/2021 for $1,525,000 Residential 5 bd/5 ba 3,776 sf

SOLD 03/12/2021 for $1,850,000 (cash) Land 26,283 sf

SOLD 02/03/2021 for $1,950,000 Land 36,454 sf

SOLD 04/13/2021 for $2,025,000 Residential 4 bd/3 ba - Sold by Jan Nores

SOLD 08/06/2021 for $2,150,000 Residential 4 bd/3 ba 1,608 sf - Sold by Jan Nores

SOLD 03/01/2021 for $2,295,000 (cash) Land 32,661 sf

SOLD 07/24/2020 for $2,350,000 (cash, exch) Residential 3 bd/2 ba

SOLD 12/11/2020 for $2,400,000 (cash, pmm) Residential 2 bd/1 ba 855 sf

SOLD 03/01/2021 for $2,495,000 (cash) Land 31,576 sf

SOLD 07/02/2021 for $2,609,300 (cash) Land 1.02 ac

SOLD 08/06/2021 for $2,750,000 (cash) Residential/Land 1 bd/1 ba 1,200 sf/28,000 sf - Sold by Jan Nores

SOLD 09/24/2020 for $2,825,000 Residential 3 bd/2 ba 1,835 sf - Listed by Jan Nores

SOLD 10/22/2020 for $3,000,000 Residential 2 bd/1 ba 1,552 sf

SOLD 09/11/2020 for $3,244,000 Residential 4 bd/4 ba 4,198 sf

SOLD 02/18/2020 for 3,400,000 (cash) Residential 4 bd/3 ba 2,990 sf

SOLD 01/02/2020 for $3,500,000 Residential 5 bd/5 ba 3,031 sf

SOLD 07/15/2020 for $3,500,000 Residential 3 bd/3 ba 3,188 sf - Listed by Jan Nores

SOLD 11/13/2020 for $4,650,000 (cash, pmm) Residential 5 bd/5 ba 5,388 sf

SOLD 05/28/2021 for $4,850,000 (cash) Residential 4 bd/3 ba 2,607 sf

SOLD 07/15/2021 for $4,913,668 (cash) Land 1.47 ac

SOLD 08/06/2021 for $6,110,000 (cash) Residential 3 bd/4 ba 3,344 sf - Sold by Jan Nores

SOLD 12/07/2020 for $6,875,000 (cash) Residential 3 bd/3 ba 3,774 sf - Listed by Jan Nores

SOLD 05/27/2021 for $10,900,000 (cash) Residential 5 bd/4 ba 4,482 sf

I am selling Puako! Are you ready to sell? Contact me.

Just Sold!

Beautiful Oceanfront Residence in Puako

3 bed I 4 bath I 3,344 Living sf I 14,000 sf Land

69-1720 Puako Beach Dr., Kamuela, Hawaii | Sold for: $6,110,000

Timeless Puako awaits you in this open concept home. With true sand in front and a large grassy yard, living oceanfront in Puako has never been better. The private courtyard off the entrance greets you with an upstairs guest suite with its own access. The open living room and kitchen flow seamlessly to the large lanai. Two oceanfront bedrooms have the most incredible views of the ocean that surrounds you. There is an office as well, although you will want to spend your time outside. With the best stretch of Puako reef in front, you can leave your home and go snorkel with the fish. There are turtle cleaning stations, underwater arches, and all of a life aquatic to explore. Come and see why Puako is a Big Island favorite.

Two Puako Lots Side by Side!

1 bed I 1 bath I 1,200 Living sf I 28,000 sf Land

69-1719 Puako Beach Dr., Kamuela, Hawaii | Sold for: $2,750,000

Great opportunity to own two Puako lots side by side. A park-like setting awaits your best beach life. One lot has a large warehouse set up for boating life with a beautifully appointed spacious one-bedroom one-bathroom apartment upstairs. The other lot is undeveloped; you get both to create your family legacy compound. The mountain views are beautiful from the apartment that features Mary Spears art. The oceanfront beach home across the street is also for sale for anyone looking for a truly unique piece of Puako.

2021 Featured Top Agent

I am so honored and excited to be featured as 2021 Featured Top Agent in the July 2021 Hawaii edition of Top Agent Magazine! I am incredibly grateful to all my clients, colleagues, family, and friends who supported me and helped make this achievement possible! Learn more.

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