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Celebrating My Journey: Hawaii Life Top Performer 2024

Reflecting on over four decades of my career in real estate, I am both honored and thrilled to be recognized as Hawaii Life Top Performer 2024 by Hawaii Business magazine. This prestigious award is a testament to the dedication and professionalism I have upheld throughout my journey. More importantly, it signifies the unwavering trust and support of my clients, who have been integral to my success. Today, I want to share my experiences, the lessons I've learned, and my heartfelt gratitude for this incredible recognition.

A Trusted Partner

When you choose to work with me, you are not just hiring a realtor; you are gaining a partner deeply invested in your success. My career, spanning over 40 years, has been built on a foundation of passion, dedication, and an unyielding commitment to providing top-notch service. This commitment is evident in every aspect of my work, from the initial consultation to the final handshake.

The Power of Marketing

One of the pillars of my success has been my ability to market properties effectively. Supported by a dedicated marketing team, I ensure that every property I handle receives the attention it deserves. Whether through stunning visuals, compelling narratives, or targeted advertising, my marketing strategies are designed to highlight the unique qualities of each property. This approach not only attracts potential buyers but also ensures that my clients achieve the best possible outcomes.

Decades of Knowledge

Over the years, I have accumulated a lot of knowledge that allows me to navigate the complexities of the real estate market easily. From understanding market trends to negotiating the best deals, my expertise ensures a seamless journey for my clients. My deep knowledge of the Puako market, where I live, work, and play, has earned me the affectionate title of "The Queen of Puako." Knowing this market like the palm of my hand allows me to provide unparalleled service to my clients.

A Heartfelt Thank You

I am profoundly grateful for the trust and support of my clients. Your satisfaction is the driving force behind my passion for real estate. This recognition as Hawaii Life Top Performer 2024 is not just my achievement but a shared success. We have reached remarkable heights, buoyed by your glowing testimonials and unwavering loyalty. Thank you for believing in me and allowing me to be a part of your real estate journey.

The Journey of a Lifetime

Looking back, my journey in real estate has been filled with countless lessons, challenges, and successes. Here are some of the key lessons I have learned over the years:

Love What You Do

Success in any field requires passion and dedication. For me, real estate is not just a job; it is my life. I live and breathe real estate, and this enthusiasm is what I bring to every client interaction. This passion makes the real estate journey exciting and joyful for both my clients and myself. I love what I do, and I think I will never retire!

Never Stop Learning

Knowledge is power, and in real estate, staying informed is crucial. When you are open-minded and curious, constantly growing and learning, new horizons open up. My early involvement in construction and design has been instrumental in my success, providing me with a solid foundation to build upon. Understanding the market and staying ahead of trends allows me to offer the best possible service to my clients.

See Challenges as Opportunities for Growth

Life always throws us curveballs, and the real estate industry is no exception. However, I have always viewed these challenges as opportunities for growth. Every complex transaction has been a learning experience, helping me to better serve my clients in the future. By embracing challenges, I have developed a resilient and adaptable approach to real estate.

You Don't Have to Do Everything by Yourself

While individual effort is important, having a reliable and competent team is invaluable. I have been with Hawaii Life Brokerage for over 15 years, and their support has been a cornerstone of my success. Additionally, my professional marketing team ensures that every aspect of my business runs smoothly. This allows me to focus on what I do best - providing exceptional service to my clients.

Be Authentic

Fake it until you make it attitude only goes so far. People will eventually see through that. When you are true to yourself and your path, everything will align for you. Authenticity is key to building trust and long-lasting relationships. I believe in being genuine and transparent in all my dealings. This approach has helped me build a reputation for honesty and integrity, which is essential for success in this industry.

Make Friends!

Real estate is not just about transactions; it is about building relationships. Making genuine connections with clients, vendors, and partners is the foundation of my success. Many of my clients have become friends, and these relationships have lasted for years. By prioritizing people over profits, I have created a network of loyal clients who continue to refer me to their friends and family.

Awards and Recognitions

My journey has been marked by numerous awards and recognitions, each of which has been a testament to my hard work and dedication. Some of the notable accolades include:

🏆 Hawaii Top 100 Realtor 2017, 2018, 2019

🏆 Big Island Top 50 Realtor 2019

🏆 Top Agent 2021

🏆 Top Performer 2022

These awards are not just personal achievements; they are a reflection of the trust and support of my clients. Each recognition motivates me to strive for excellence and continue to provide the best possible service.

The Future of Real Estate

As I look to the future, I am excited about the opportunities and challenges that lie ahead. The real estate market is constantly evolving, and I am committed to staying at the forefront of these changes. Whether it's through embracing new technologies or adapting to shifting market trends, I am dedicated to providing my clients with the highest level of service.

Join Me on Your Real Estate Journey

Embarking on a real estate journey can be both exciting and daunting. With my expertise and personalized care, I aim to make this journey as smooth and enjoyable as possible. Whether you are buying your dream home or selling a property, I am here to guide you every step of the way. Contact me today and experience firsthand the magic of exceptional real estate service.

Being recognized as Hawaii Life Top Performer 2024 is a tremendous honor that I share with my clients, team, and supporters. Together, we have achieved remarkable success, and I am excited to see what the future holds. Thank you for being a part of this incredible journey, and I look forward to continuing to serve you with the same passion and dedication that has defined my career.

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