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A Heart-Felt Letter of Recommendation From My Client

It is truly a blessing to be able to do what I do and help people in so many ways. Every day I feel grateful for what life has given me and the great people I meet. The most rewarding part of my life-long career in Real Estate is the appreciation I receive from my clients, many of whom I count as friends today.

Recently, I received a beautiful testimonial from one of my recent Buyer clients that brought tears to my eyes and touched my heart! I want to share it with you in its entirety in this post.

Thank you so much, Rick, for your kindness and friendship; it means the world to me! I look forward to welcoming you and your beautiful family as my neighbor on the Big Island!

"Jan has been in Real Estate for 39 years. She has been an agent on the Big Island for 20 years and with Hawaii Life for 13 years. She is a top producer and has won numerous awards.
All of this experience shows. Jan really knows the Big Island! The neighborhoods, the schools, the stores, community resources such as golf courses, pools, beaches, etc. She even knows the individual houses within each area (having sold many of them herself).
If you tell her what you are looking for, she can find it quickly and accurately, saving you precious travel time. But it's not just the Island; she is also an expert on people there. She has a great network of professionals she has built over the years; the people you need to get things done for all aspects of life: financial professionals, title companies, mortgage brokers, escrow agents, rental agents, maintenance specialists, gardeners, pool and septic specialists. She knows who will do the best job for you at the most reasonable price and will even organize them directly if needed.
What really sets Jan apart from other agents is her intangibles. She's extremely hardworking and reliable. She never fails to do what she commits to and always more quickly and effectively than you expected. She is also professional, calm, creative, and very intuitive. She knows people and is tenacious in pursuing her clients' interests.
My recent home purchase involved a seller who tried to back out of the transaction, a slow lender that almost lost us the home, and a very difficult seller agent. Yet, despite all the obstacles, using creative ideas and tenacity, Jan managed to make the deal work against all odds, negotiated a better deal than initially discussed, and kept everybody calm and happy along the way. And even after the sale closed, she organized her network to put the property into perfect condition for our arrival! She even arranged an upgrade of furnishings from some other clients who were leaving the Big Island for the mainland.
Now THAT is a service well beyond the norms of most real estate agents.
Jan Nores is a gem. Of all the realtors I've worked with over my 30 years as a real estate investor and homeowner, Jan is by far the best. Not only a top-notch professional at what she does but now a friend.
Highly recommended!!"
Rick H.

Receiving this kind of feedback is not only rewarding; it is inspiring and motivating. It makes me want to continue to do my best and help my clients realize their dreams of living in Hawaii.

Are you ready to live your dream? Then, let the Hawaiian experience begin! Please contact me.

Ta Da!



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