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2021 in Review: The year of perseverance and gratitude

What a year it has been! So many things had happened that you could easily fit them in a decade! As we are starting the new year, it's a good time to reflect on the many positives we experienced in 2021 and express our gratitude to all involved.

2021 brought many surprises, including the hottest real estate market in a long time. No one could have predicted the typical buyer's behavior starting in January. They cleaned off the inventory, leaving very little for anyone else to purchase later in the year. As a result, brokers and agents with listing inventory were well rewarded, and for sellers, it has never been a better time to list and sell.

Every day was an adventure, meeting new clients and finding their piece of paradise! The Big Island is known as a healing island, attracting people who want to live in peace and harmony, and 17 of my clients found their home on the island last year. Among them, there were two first-home buyers, which indicates that the American dream is still alive, and I am so grateful for that!

Of course, the real estate market in my home neighborhood of Puako has been sizzling! 22 properties were sold there, and 7 of them - by me! The whole last year was full of hard work and challenges, but it resulted in almost $33 million in sales that I am also so grateful for.

In July of 2021, I was featured as Top Agent in the July 2021 Hawaii edition of Top Agent Magazine, and I was so honored and excited about that. I am incredibly thankful to all my clients, colleagues, family, and friends who supported me and helped make this achievement possible!

On the family front, last year was hard for us. First, we had to say goodbye to my dear brother Jim Searby and then my sweet Mom Babette Bondurant, who had a beautiful life. May they rest in peace; we love them so much! I am truly grateful to my neighbors, Mary & George, who arranged to have a Memorial Paddleout at the Kawaihae Canoe Club in their awesome double canoe, for my Mom & little brother. 🙏

So, I bid my farewell to the last year with bitter-sweet memories. Only one word can express how I feel about 2021: gratitude - to my family and friends, to my colleges and team members, to my clients, and to the incredible industry I am fortunate to work within.

I believe that this year will still be strong for real estate, bring new opportunities, and open up new horizons, and I look forward to the things to come.

Ta Da!



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